VERTIGO Engineering
Paris, France
State of the art Windows software.
Tokyo, Japan
Web & database applications.
InVision Technologies
Newark, California, USA
Automatized scanners for explosive detection in airports.
San Francisco, California, USA
Multi-platform engine allowing the spreading of lightweight components with high connectivity.
Pc Soft
Paris & Montpellier, France
"Visual Basic"-like IDE.

VERTIGO Engineering (France)

VERTIGO Engineering is specialized in the field of hi-tech software development for Windows.

VERTIGO Engineering realized reliable and efficient products. Some of them work 24 hours a day, in industrial environment. Others are distributed in thousands of copies on CD or by the Internet.
The image on the right shows Myrian, a state of the art imaging software.

VERTIGO Engineering performs custom software development and consulting: studies, design, user interface, coding, documentation, porting, assistance for design, project validation, code reviews, evaluation of development teams, etc.

As a consultant for VERTIGO Engineering, I:

In one look, Manhattan allows anybody - even people non familiar with programming - to appreciate the quality of any source code.

Take the test: Which of project A or B seems to you more stressful?
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"Project A"

"Project B"

Notes/see also: more about VERTIGO Engineering/Myrian; more about Manhattan; VERTIGO Engineering home page.

G-Search Limited (Japan)

G-Search was founded in 1991 by Fujitsu Limited, Heiwa Information Center Co., Ltd., and Fujitsu FIP Corporation.
At the time, it was a pioneering database service enterprise offering a wide range of information both in Japanese and foreign languages. Since then, G-Search has opened up new areas of business, including a Content Integration Service providing intranet solutions for knowledge management, and a Content Solution Service that helps customers use holding content produced on a commercial basis.
The database, content integration and content solution services are G-Search's three core businesses.

As a consultant for G-Search, I:

Notes/see also: G-Search home page.

InVision Technologies (USA)

InVision Technologies manufactures scanners for explosive detection in luggage. These scanners are used in many of the world's main airports (San Francisco/SFO, Paris/CDG, and Tokyo/NRT for example), either behind the check-in desk, or on the underground conveyor belts.

The software used inside the scanners is composed of several parts, running on separated computers (heterogeneous systems; Unix and Windows). Communication between these parts is done through Corba and TCP/IP sockets.

For InVision Technologies, I:

Notes/see also: InVision Technologies was acquired in 2005 by General Electric; more about explosive detectors.

Envoii (USA)

Envoii, a startup company, was founded in 1999.
The Envoii engine allows the creation of component-based applications. The components are called envoiis.

Envoiis offer:

  1. easy customization: each component's behavior can be written in Java through the provided IDE (image on the right; clic on image for larger picture).
  2. maximum connectivity with the rest of the world (XML, HTTP, peer to peer, infrared, email).
  3. total mobility: envoiis can run in a web page, in a regular window, directly on the desktop, on a PDA (iPaq, Jornada, etc.).
  4. platform independence (Windows, Mac, PDA, ...).
  5. rich graphics (2D, 3D, video games special effects).

The image on the right summarizes the mobility aspect of an Envoii application.
The total engine's source code is about 400 000 lines of code.

For the Envoii company, I successfully:

Notes/see also: more about envoiis; (an application of envoiis).

PC SOFT (France)

PC SOFT has been creating development tools since 1984. Their main and most successful product is a Windows Integrated Development Environment (IDE) called WinDev.

WinDev is an IDE similar to Visual Basic. It allows to write powerful applications for Windows or the Internet. WinDev has its own programming language (4GL) and its own database engine, but it remains open to other languages, like Java, C/C++, Basic, and other databases (Oracle, SQL Server, AS/400, Informix,...).

During the 5 years I worked at PC SOFT, I participated in the release of 4 different versions of WinDev, from version 2.0 to version 4.1. My major contributions were:

Notes/see also: more about WinDev; PC SOFT home page.

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